Tips for Groom – Part 2

  • Release his inner Shakespeare – A groom with a creative, romantic side may excel at writing your vows. If you are using traditional vows he may lie to choose the readings for your wedding ceremony.
  • Use his hands – Grooms who are skilled at carpentry can also be put to work. Have him build an archway for the altar or a hope chest for the two of you to store memento such as your dress and invitations after the wedding.
  • Get a few nights out – Is your man a huge music guy? Have him research Dj s and bands and plan dates for the two of you to go check them out. Once you choose your entertainment have your man negotiate the contract and provide the DJ with a list of songs you do and do not want to hear. If you are using an iPod and speakers have him create play lists and find someone to place n charge of switching up the pace
  • Let him be critical – Chances are your groom will only be patient for so many photos before he starts to want to run. Have him meet with your photographer and videographer to get a sense of their style and efficiency. He can judge how much the photographer is likely to be in your space and how long it will take to capture all the shots you want.
  • Let him have a drink – Put your husband to be in charge of the beer and wine menu. Let him create a signature cocktail for your reception Suggest that he have a wine tasting with a few friends to help him finalize his selections. Maybe even let him play bartender for part of your reception or your rehearsal dinner.
  • The way to a man’s heart….- is through his stomach of course! Get your husband to be involved in planning the menu for your reception and rehearsal dinner. Let hm meet with caterers and baker’s for tastings.
  • Utilize his diplomacy – Is your man a natural peacekeeper? Have him deal with ay issues that arrive between your families or any concerns that the two of you have regarding toasts that will be given or predicted behaviors.


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