Tips for a Unique Fall Wedding

Fall weddings can be very beautiful.  Pumpkin centerpieces and harvest colors are wonderful ideas but they aren’t the only option. Here are some tips to help make a fall wedding unique.

Broaden the color spectrum – Many use the colors of autumn leaves for planning fall parties. This does not have to be the case. Try using khaki and tan instead of chocolate brown. Colors like these as well as other lighter browns like mocha and cappuccino pair wonderfully with other fall colors like burnt orange, red, black and pumpkin orange. Use plum instead of red and pair the rich purple shade with creams and champagne colors for an elegant fall wedding color palette. Pair fall colors like gold with rich hues like navy blue or forest green. If the couple has their hearts set on pastels or bright summery colors they can also be used as the season should never overrule the couple’s wishes.

Lighten up the attire – The first day of fall does not have to instantly mean switching to heavy fall fabrics and autumn colors for the bridal party.  White and sunny yellow sundresses may no longer be appropriate, but there is a compromise.  Try putting the guys in khaki colored suits. Complement nearly any bridesmaid’s dress with a gold sash or bouquet. Stick to lighter fabrics especially for indoor weddings. There is also no need to instantly switch to long sleeved gowns and heavy wraps unless many of the events will be outdoors. Tell guests to be prepared with wraps and jackets in case of a cold snap but otherwise enjoy the leftover warmth.

Ditch the pumpkins, or don’t – Pumpkins are a popular décor choice for fall weddings and they can be used quite beautifully. However, a wedding in the fall doesn’t have to mean a décor of pumpkins, foliage and other autumn themed decorations. There is no rights and wrongs when planning a wedding. A wedding should always reflect the bride and groom no matter the season.

Take it outside – September often means weddings get taken indoors. In many areas the weather is still warm in September and even October. If the festivities will go well into the evening when it gets chilly have a heated tent or heat lamps available.  The wedding can be held outdoors with the evening reception indoors.  There is no need to give up on a dream of an outdoor wedding just because summer vacation has ended.

Use seasonal flowers – There are so many seasonal flowers in the summer.  Those tend to be the flowers our minds conjure when thinking of planning a wedding.  Flowers that are in season will nine times out of ten be cheaper than having to import flowers that aren’t in season locally. This doesn’t mean the bride has to carry a bowl of harvest produce selections down the aisle. There are some very pretty flowers that reach their peaks in the fall season.  Dahlias, chrysanthemums, and asters are all at their peak. If the bride’s heart is set on lilies or other spring and summer flowers they can be found at steeper prices in the off season.  A florist can easily provide a list of readily and locally available fall blooms.

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