Tips for a Successful Beach Wedding – Part 1

Beach weddings can be absolutely stunning when done correctly. There are so many simple mistakes that can detract from the day, from not planning on the places sand can get, to planning the ceremony at the wrong time of day where everyone is blinded by the sun instead of the bride’s beauty. Here are the basic dos and don’ts of planning a beach wedding to help you have a spectacular wedding from the beach wedding invitations to an amazing beach reception under the stars.

Timing a beach wedding– The best way to time a beach wedding is to spend a day at the beach at the time of the year when you plan to have your wedding. You want to take into account the typical temperature at the time of day you plan to have your event as well as the position of the sun. You don’t want your wedding at noon when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. You also don’t want your guest, or the happy couple to be staring into the sun all afternoon. You can plan your beach wedding at almost any time of the day as long as you plan ahead and keep positioning and weather in mind. You will want to face people with their back to the sun for the ceremony if possible. Early morning or late afternoon may be cooler for a summer beach wedding. If the beach is near a resort ask them for suggestions. Some hotels and resorts may even have beach- side bars you can use for your reception. When in doubt get help from people with experience. Parasols can be a wonderful accessory in lieu of bouquet for your bridesmaids. Try printing your program on paper fan or providing folding fan as favor for your wedding guests. An early evening wedding can allow for some amazing sunset backed photos and a night of dancing by a beach fire.

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