Think Outside the China Box – Uncommon Items for Your Wedding Registry

Once upon a time, not so long ago in a land not so far away every couple’s wedding registry was practically identical. A good set of silverware, a good set of china and some small appliances. Today’s engaged couples are moving more and more outside that comfort zone. Many couples already live together and don’t need the items typically found on a wedding registry. So what to put on your wedding registry? Some items today’s couples put on their registries include:

  • Camping gear – From tents and sleeping bags to lanterns and cookware, camping is becoming a popular wedding registry theme. So many of us aren’t serious campers so we buy whatever is on sale when we need it. Registering for brand new camping gear gives you a chance to get some of what you really want and be prepared for your next camping trip. Delayed camping honeymoon anyone?
  • Electronics – Always getting turned around when driving somewhere new? Why not register for a GPS to guide you on your travels? Maybe you and your future spouse have been coveting a game system or more accessories and games for a system you have. Since you will want to put a few large items on your wedding registry anyway how about a television or surround sound upgrade, or maybe a second television for the bedroom? Music players, phones and other gadgets are replacing the small appliances that couples once placed on their registries. But hey, if your toaster needs an upgrade register for that as well!
  • Outdoor accessories – Does your patio furniture consist of mismatched plastic chairs? Is your hose always getting tangled? Consider registering in the outdoor section of your favorite store. Gardening supplies, patio furniture, grills and outdoor organization accessories are making their way onto more and more wedding registries.
  • Furniture – Maybe your office needs a bookshelf or your bedroom needs new nightstands. Maybe your video games and dvds are stacked on the floor or wherever they fit on your entertainment center. Furniture doesn’t have to mean a living room or bedroom suite, although it can. Furniture comes in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. And you can always add the throw pillows and coasters as less expensive gift options.
  • Home décor – When we first start out, consistent décor is the last thing on most of our minds. We need a couch and a bed and well, a toaster. We may slowly add some of the things that make a house a home. A few pictures here, a few knick knacks there. Why not pick a color scheme for each room and register for all new décor? Maybe striped earth tones in the bathroom and an apple theme in the kitchen suits you. Whatever your style, a wedding registry can be a great chance to get some of the décor items that you can’t quite justify getting on your own.
  • Travel gear – Is your luggage showing wear and tear? Or do you travel with your college duffel bag and a tote bag? A nice set of luggage can be a great splurge item for even the occasional traveler so you may want to consider registering for a set. The travel theme can also include smaller items like travel pillows and blankets, coolers powered by car chargers, an emergency kit for your car and even luggage tags.
  • Car bling – If you have everything you want for your home think about your car. Maybe you want car seat covers and a special set of floor mats. Or maybe you eat on the run a lot and some special bags and storage would benefit you. Maybe you already have a child and kick mats would be a blessing to your detailing bills.
  • Honeymoon registry – More and more couples are opting for a honeymoon registry in lieu of a traditional one. With a honeymoon registry your guests can contribute money towards your airfare and accommodations, or opt to pay for special packages like a spa day or room service for a meal.

These are just a few unconventional ideas. Just think about what you find yourself wishing you had throughout the year. Many stores will give you a coupon for about ten percent off the price of any remaining items on your wedding registry after the wedding so there is no reason not to add it on to your wedding registry if you really want it. Before you go to use the coupon add everything to your wedding registry that you plan on buying that day. Since you will be deleting your wedding registry afterward anyway, why not get ten percent off the cost of your entire shopping trip?

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