Things Brides Wish They Knew Before the Big Day – Continued

Hold the Flowers Low – Have all the girls hold their flowers a bit lower than feels natural. Otherwise pictures will look unnatural. Keep the stems at belly button level and the flowers facing outwards.

Be a Boy Scout – Be prepared for everything.  Make a list for an emergency kit for the day of the wedding, then make one and bring it with you.  Safety pins, a basic sewing kit, tums and other supplies can and will be needed.  And if they aren’t there is no harm done.

Bring Flat Shoes for After the First Dance.

Stand Up Straight – So many pictures show the bridal party or even the bride and groom slouching.

Stay Hydrated – A fainting bride is never good.

Smile – Tell the bridal party to smile the whole time.  A perfect picture can be ruined by a bored look.

Wear Sunscreen for Weeks – A sunburn can last and a strapless dress will be unforgiving to a severe sunburn.  There is only so much retouching that can be done and bridal attire isn’t the most comfortable to start.  Adding in a sunburn can be excruciating.

Sandpaper the Shoes – Dress shoes can be slippery especially when they are new.  Taking a piece of sandpaper to the bottom of them can help with this and maybe prevent a fall.

Be Sure to Eat – Set aside time to make sure the bridal party eats before the wedding and that the couple eats at the reception.

Mind the Veil – Most brides know to have their dress steamed but often times the veil is shoved in a bag and forgotten until the day of the wedding.  If you forget to steam your veil try this easy trick: mix two parts water with one part vinegar in a spray bottle and mist your veil. The veil won’t smell but it will smooth out.

Look At the Right Camera – So many people will be snapping pictures. Be sure to tell the bridal party to look at the photographer’s camera.  Those are the expensive pictures that will probably turn out the best.  There will be plenty of time for more informal snapshots.

Prevent Crying Damage – Use waterproof mascara and consider taking a decongestant an hour before the wedding if you may cry.  This will stop your nose from running as badly.

Don’t Try Anything New – Nerves can do funny things.  New perfumes, lotions, hair coloring and other chemicals you put on your skin can have a funny reaction especially with the added stress. Rashes, itchiness and blotches don’t look or feel good on anyone.

Make a Schedule – Provide everyone in the wedding party with a time line of where they should be and when. Also make a general itinerary for all wedding guests.

Make a List for the Photographer – Even if the photographer is a professional, make a list of the desired photos.  Every wedding and family is different and every couple has different priorities for pictures.

Share Luggage – When packing for the honeymoon the bride should pack a few things in the groom’s luggage and vice versa.  This way if a piece of luggage is lost, neither person is left with just the clothes on their back.

The key is to make lists that are personal to you.  It is easy to forget what seem to be obvious details and who should be doing what.

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