Themed Weddings – Tacky or a Ton of Fun?

Most weddings have a theme of some sort. Maybe all the bridal party attire is covered in lace as are the tables at the reception. Maybe your theme is a certain color scheme. They are all pretty straightforward and incorporate what we have come to expect in a wedding. There may be a few unusual details in the mix like a whimsical cake topper or a horse and carriage may be used instead of a limousine. More and more; however, couples are choosing to go all out and go with a full blown theme. Some find this tacky others find it to be a great way to turn a reception into a huge party that really reflects on the couple. Maybe the couple is a sports fan and wants a sports wedding. Maybe the bride and groom are both huge fans of science fiction and want something that reflects that. If a theme truly reflects the couple they can make it happen without appearing tacky. In fact the tacky aspect may be the point of the theme!

Make it Unique to the Bride and Groom

The most important thing is to make sure the theme fits both the bride and the groom. The groom may be the world’s biggest football fan but if the bride isn’t equally enthusiastic it really won’t work. Both the bride and groom must also be open to foregoing a traditional lace and color theme for a more fun and whimsical one.

Themed Wedding, Themed Reception or Both

The next thing to consider is if you want both the wedding itself and the reception to be themed or just one or the other. A themed wedding can overshadow the event if not carefully done but a themed reception can be a great time for all. For example you may wear traditional dress at the ceremony for a Halloween wedding but encourage guests to come in costume for the reception and maybe even have a costume contest. Fig machines, Halloween decorations and orange and black tablecloths could add to the theme without being overbearing. Or you can go all out and steer everything from the menu to the music towards the event’s theme.

Should I Ask my Guests to Dress in Costume?

If you are asking people to dress with the theme for your event you must remember you can only suggest. Some guests may not feel comfortable dressing like pirates, dwarves or gingerbread men. Make sure to make everyone feel comfortable and not just center all the reception’s events around those who chose to participate. Providing some costume accessories at the reception can be an option for those who get into the spirit later in the day. Cat ears, devil horn headbands and such would be great for a Halloween theme, or maybe some leis and grass skirts for a tropical theme. Placing such things at a side table is a simple way to make sure everyone can feel included if they choose to do so even if they weren’t in the spirit before they came. Chances are they will be put to use by someone anyway.

Subtle or Extensive

Themes don’t have to mean cheap decorations and favors from a party store. A Christmas wedding can be done with snowflake imprinted crystal vases, rich red flowers and candy canes being placed in the centerpieces. A destination wedding at a Renaissance Faire can be a great way to incorporate a theme. Using a few details to bring a theme into a wedding like umbrellas or fans instead of bouquets for a garden wedding or choosing theme appropriate colors and desserts can be a subtle way to let your personality shine through. It is up to you to decide how extreme to go with your theme. Subtle classy details can go just as far as bright boisterous decorations and costumes, but if the latter is your preference you should go for it all the way.

The possibilities are endless and as unique and creative as the couple can make them. When it comes down to it, the day is yours and as long as you aren’t making undue demands on your guests, you can make your wedding any theme you’d like even if that means using party store decorations and favors or a camouflaged wedding dress.

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