The Eco Chic Bride – Make a Mosaic Flower Pot by Reusing Old, Cracked Plates

Did you get that amazing new set of dishes you put on your registry?  Chances are you have some old ones lying around, maybe even a couple sets. Here is an inexpensive and fun project to help you recycle those old plates and release some of that pent up wedding planning stress.

What you will need:

  • Terra cotta flower pot
  • Old broken dishes (dishes from yard sales are great and cheap)
  • Paint to match dish pattern
  • Paintbrush
  • Tile grout
  • Grout sealant
  • Old dish towel
  • Plant in a plastic pot to fit inside your new planter
  • Hammer
  • Strong household glue

Step #1:

This is the fun part.  Wrap each dish in the old dishtowel and use the hammer to break it.  Use the side of the hammer because you don’t want the pieces to be too small.

Step #2 (optional):

You can paint the terra cotta pot to match your dish pattern or use the paint to make smaller terra cotta pots to match the mosaic pot you are making. Paint just the top and upper inside of the pot since the rest of the outside will be covered in mosaics and the inside will be hidden by your plant. You can also paint the plate or tray you are using underneath your flower pot.

Step #3:

While the paint dries, go through your glass pieces and put the ones you can use in a bowl and discard any powdered glass or fragments that are too small to work with safely.

Step #4:

Glue the pieces of glass onto the terra cotta pot. Make sure the pieces do not touch so you can apply the grout and give your pot a tiled look. Let the glue dry fully, overnight if necessary, before proceeding.

Step #5:

After your glue has fully dried, apply the grout, taking care to keep it off the surface of the glass.  If grout gets on the glass let it dry for about five minutes, and carefully wipe the grout off the glass with a damp towel.  Take your time.

Step #6:

Allow the grout to dry overnight.

Step #7:

Apply the grout sealant using a paintbrush and allow to dry for several hours. The pot is now ready to be filled with potting soil and plants or used for other creative purposes.

Step #8: