The Ballyhoo

Yesterday, Lori shared a carnival-themed sixth birthday bash (how phenomenal was that!?) but the trend is not reserved for kids’ parties alone! We’ve all noticed that today’s bride is breaking traditions and formalities; she can embrace her inner-child with bold colors and shapes, as well as circus-worthy fonts and phrasing. Graphically, the carnival-theme is one sweet jackpot. Menagerie animals, tickets, balloons, stripes, flourishes, polka dots, banners… the list goes on.

Carnival-themed wedding stationery

Just think back to when you went to circuses and carnivals as a tot… Lots of color, light, sights strange and wonderful… sugar! The experience could probably be summed up with the word “stimulating.” What better way to get your guests excited about your big day than to send them an invitation that looks like a ticket to a spectacular show? At the circus, a “bally” is a platform where a circus talker draws an audience in with an enticing speech, called a “ballyhoo.” If you’re a carnival bride, your invitation is most definitely the ballyhoo!

Maybe you like the theme, but weren’t planning on your wedding being a flashy sideshow. For those wanting something a bit more subtle, but still fair-like and whimsical, flags and flagged banners are a hot option. Sweet and simple!

Flags & flag banners

TGK Carnival InvitationSo why would we make all this fanfare about carnival wedding invitations if we don’t offer any on our site? Not to worry, they’re on the way! And we wouldn’t want to leave you hanging (on a trapeze?) so we’ve included a sneak preview for you (see right.) This fun design features two of our new fonts, BG16 and CA13.

Don’t forget to check out more dazzling stationery examples on Pinterest.

Have you ever been to a carnival-themed wedding? What did you think?

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