Take a Breath – Ways to Fit Personal Moments Into the Busiest (and Happiest!) Day of Your Life

It is easy for the bride and groom to be so busy they barely have time for each other on the day of their wedding.  Between greeting guests, being ushered around by event coordinators, and fulfilling dance and photo requests, a wedding day can quickly become a blur where the bride and groom barely have a moment to breathe.  After months of stressful planning and in the midst of all this chaos, a few stolen moments can be treasured memories and times to take a breath from the busy day. Here are a few moments that brides and grooms can make it a point to steal throughout the day.

A first look- Consider having a meeting between the bride and groom before the walk down the aisle. Some couples still follow the wedding day tradition where the groom doesn’t get to see the bride until she walks down the aisle.  However, many brides are finding that the groom’s reaction is less controlled if he isn’t in front of all their family and friends.  A first look before the ceremony can produce some great photographs. After the photos are snapped the wedding attendants usher everyone from the room so the couple can share a few minutes before the ceremony.  Just be sure the bride is in water proof mascara.

Before the reception- There will probably be a cocktail hour for your guests so you can get some final pictures taken.  After the pictures you can slip away for a few moments to exchange gifts or just sneak a few extra kisses before the reception.

Secret dances- Give the DJ a list of songs that made runner up when you were choosing a first dance.  Promise each other you will dance with each other during those songs.  Ask the DJ to spread them out a little so you get several special moments throughout your reception.  Otherwise it will be easy to get busy playing host and hostess and not make time for each other.

Eat- Many brides and grooms never get to sample the food they spent so much time choosing and spent so much money to buy.  This is especially true if there is no sit down service.  Make it a point to make a plate and sit down and eat together.  Put one of the attendants in charge of making the couple sit down and eat.  Even if it is after the dancing is going on and guests are a little distracted.  It may be beyond hope that guests will see the couple eating and leave them be, but it is worth a shot! And no matter what food, it is a good idea on such a hectic day.

Leave the after party early- Weddings are expensive and no one wants the party to end right after the reception.  Once the after party gets going it is okay for the bride and groom to bow out and go spend some time together. Some couples may leave the reception for their honeymoon. Other couples should not feel guilty calling it an early night on their first night as husband and wife.

Make it a point to sneak all of these moments into the wedding day so it is an even more memorable experience.

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