Summer Wedding 2011 – Wedding Reception Decoration Trends

Hate to tell you ladies but the biggest reception trend right now isn’t crystal chandeliers or tuxedo-ed waiters, it’s man caves.  The time honored man cave has made its way into the wedding reception and is a great way to get the groom involved in planning the reception.  An outdoor area can be equipped with cigars, scotch whiskey and brandy can be added to the bar list and a corner or side room at the reception can be equipped with leather chairs for a start to a man cave feel. If you really want your groom and his friends (and let’s face it the men in your family, too) to have fun, then consider having a corner set up with a gaming system and some playing cards, as well as other forms of entertainment.  You can even take this a step further and give your entire reception a casino night theme.

Not ready to trade in your rose and orchid centerpieces for mini slot machines? Not to worry, there are plenty of reception trends that don’t involve going so far from the beaten path. Many brides are choosing not to go with perfectly matching centerpieces this summer.  Try having all of your centerpieces in the same color scheme but sprinkle different sizes throughout the reception hall.

Confetti sprinkled around your centerpieces adds a nice touch.  You can use cutout paper or plastic confetti, rose petals or small stones, starfish and shells, depending on the overall look and theme of your reception.

Love the look of the candy bar but have guests with dietary restrictions? Or maybe there will be lots of children in attendance and you don’t want to load them all up with sugar.  Consider a soap bar for favors for your guests.  You still want to provide each guest with a personalized container for their favors, but instead of candy, fill bowls with bath beads, scented soap flakes, floating candles and other bath time goodies. Be sure to have the table clearly marked as not having edible things on it if it isn’t obvious.  The bath theme also makes for great welcome bags for out of town guests, or tote bags for your bridesmaids.  You can order personalized totes with each of your girls’ names and fill it with spa slippers, a gel mask, bath beads and other personalized bath gifts.  After all who wouldn’t want a night of bath time relaxation after an entire day in heels?

Candles are still an ever popular wedding reception décor choice.  There are more candle options now than ever before. Flickering LED candles provide a romantic look without the danger of an open flame or the possible cleanup from wax dripping.

Bolts of tulle and strings of white lights create a classic royal elegance when added to banisters, the head table, pillars and archways.

Speaking of head tables, more and more often they are being replaced with a small table for just the bride and groom, called a sweetheart table.  This allows the bridal party to be seated with their partners and families, and allows the new mister and missus a few private moments together during the meal, at least, if they even have time to eat it!

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