Summer Wedding 2011 – Wedding Food, Cake & Dessert Trends

Wedding Food

Food trucks are the biggest trend here.  Waffles, ice cream, tacos you name it, you can get a food station set up for it.  The actual trucks are really only good for outside receptions and can be used to serve all or part of the meal, or just dessert.  The indoor alternative is food stations, setup to custom make the food of your choosing for each guest as if they were ordering it at a take-out place.  Fresh deli sandwiches, a breakfast bar and if you are looking for something more elaborate, a pizza bar where guests can design their own pizza and have attendants place them in portable ovens and deliver them to guests at their table.

Wedding Cake & Dessert

Candy tables are still a big hit especially when they feature candies from our childhoods that are hard to find in stores or when they perfectly fit the color scheme.  It has to look like effort went into it.  A thrown together table of candy isn’t appropriate for a wedding reception.  Glass containers and apothecary jars allow the colors of the candies and wrappers to be used as decor elements themselves with minimal effort.

If a candy table sounds like too much work, dessert tables with lots of rich choices like chocolate mousse and cookies that are gooey and nutty are really making an appearance.  Many brides are getting away from having the wedding cake be the main attraction of the dessert table and some are foregoing the cake altogether or just using a single tier for the cake cutting and sharing tradition.

When traditional wedding cakes are used, fancy scroll work and flowers are still popular.  Humorous cake toppers and monogrammed cake toppers are taking the place of the traditional bride and groom cake toppers.