Summer Wedding 2011 – Wedding Dress, Hair & Accessories Trends

Wedding Dress

Wedding dress trends are constantly changing and lucky for brides there are always plenty of options that allow you to be both trendy and fit your body type perfectly.  It is important to choose a dress you love, of course, but there will always be some popular elements each season.

Corset bodices are very prevalent right now.  Shorter dresses are popular even if the bride just changes into something shorter for the reception.  Beads are the embellishment to have right now. Pearl beads and silver beads can be used creatively to add touches that are either romantic or flirty; sexy or sweet.

The mermaid silhouette is big right now but that may change when the royal wedding dress is revealed.  Pockets sewn into the wedding gown is also a big trend right now, and very convenient!  Just be sure not to put anything in your pockets that could stain your gown if it leaked or anything that could tear your gown.

Hair & Accessories

Once again a tasteful tiara is a beautiful choice, especially with the royal wedding being in the public eye. Unless you really are a future queen; however, choose something that is more of an accent than the main attraction. Choose a small tiara that adds that princess feel without taking the eyes away from your overall look.  You want all eyes on you not one particular accessory.

Variations on retro hair styles are also big for summer weddings right now.  Try using a side bun with ringlets framing your face instead of a classic bun. A birdcage veil and pearl hair pins and combs will perfectly complete your retro hair style. A single flower is also a great accent for this hair style.

Hair ornaments are making an appearance in both loose long wedding hairstyles and traditional neat updos. Hair vines, brooches and ornamental hair pins can be found in crystal, pearls, florals or any material you can imagine.

Boleros and shawls are becoming more part of the summer brides look instead of being something they keep around just in case they get chilly. Light weight fabrics such as lace and chiffon keep gooseflesh hidden and the chill from the breeze of an outdoor wedding at bay, without making the nervous bride too warm so she can avoid sweating any more than necessary.