Style: Southern Charm

The charm that southern style exudes is kind of one of those things that you just feel; it’s not a specific look and it won’t necessarily be found in a pitcher of sweet tea, but when the right elements come together, you know.

For me, southern charm is the smell of Grandma’s cooking; it’s being barefoot on the front porch; and it’s eating as many strawberries as I can pick.

What is southern charm for you?

To capture a down-home feel at your own wedding, consider incorporating raw materials, such as the wooden cupcake stool above; handmade accessories and vintage inspired details will go a long way as well.  Above all, breathe in the fresh air, relax, and when it’s time to dance, kick off those shoes and go barefoot!  Oh, and don’t forget the sweet tea!  (Check back Friday for a tasty recipe…)

Hint: Take a little look-see at our Charm and Magnolia invitations!  Either would pair perfectly with a southern wedding.

Head over to Pinterest for more inspiration!

Credits: Sparkler Send-Off, Fellas in Suspenders, Striped Bouquet, Balloon Table Settings, Yellow Dresses, and Cupcake Stand  …  Sweet Tea to right.

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