Style: Jet-setter

After just one flight (my first was last May), I caught the traveling bug — I wanted go and see and do!  I haven’t earned the title “Jet-setter” just yet, but I have taken to the air a few times since.  I just returned from New York and I’m already mapping out my next trip.  In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to put together an inspiration board fueled by my excitement of aviation and travel; as it turns out, I didn’t have to navigate too far to find some really lovely ideas.Inspiration Board - Style: Jet-setter

Jet-setter style ideas from the top left on down (left to right):  1. Vintage luggage is fashionable and nostalgic; use it for a stylish excursion (top photo) or stack old suitcases for a well-traveled display at your reception.  2. Be creative with typical objects; toy airplanes take flight as favors!  3. Welcome your globe-trotting friends to stamp your passport guestbook.  4. Who knew an airplane hangar would make for such a romantic photo session spot?!  (See Jen + Armand’s wedding)   Set the theme for your big day with photo save-the-dates!  5. Must-haves for your honeymoon voyage OR perfect themed gifts for your wedding party — Handsome Propeller Tie Clip by St. Joshua, Fly Ray-Ban Aviators, Adorable J. Crew Flats (a gal needs to be comfy, but cute, for any expedition), World Travel Journal  6. Wooden airplanes turned escort cards will get your guests to their table destinations in style!  7. I always imagined that clouds would taste like cotton candy… have a bite and see for yourself with this simply themed sky cake.  8. Use maps to play up how much you love to travel in unexpected ways; these paper planes will go really far (with your wallet and your guests!)  9. Vintage hotel luggage labels add to the decor; use as table assignments or perhaps as favor tags.  10. Pack your suitcase in style with a colorful luggage tag; this one can even be printed with your wedding logo or a wedding message for your guests!

What is your dream destination?

Jet over to Pinterest for more inspiration!


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