Sticky Situations – Should I Set an Age Limit for Children?

Children are another touchy topic. The important thing when making decisions about children at your reception is to make absolutely no exceptions to avoid being rude to those who accommodated your wishes. Some people set the cutoff at a certain age, say 10 years old. This gets touchy if a couple has say a 12 year old and an 8 year old. In this case you should put the 12 year old’s name on the invitation under the couples name and express to the couple that you have decided not to have children under 10 at the reception and that you wanted to let them know in advance. Express the sincere hope that they can make it and have no problems finding a sitter. If you aren’t allowing children at all you may still want to set an age say 16 or 18. Some teens may be offended by being considered children, as may their parents. Once you decide on a benchmark, just politely stick to it.

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