Stickers Galore! The Many Uses of Personalized Stickers

We all loved getting stickers as kids.  They were this fun thing that teachers had to reward those of us who performed well or improved. How many uses are there for stickers in our lives today?  More than one might think!  Here are some great excuses for adults to use stickers and the perfect stickers for those occasions.

Identifying What Belongs to Whom

If there are a few children in the house, it is easy for them to have some of the same toys and books.  This will inevitably lead to fights over which item belongs to which child.  Simply putting stickers on some of the similar items can help identify who the item belongs to with just a glance. The stickers can be personalized with the name of each child and there are stickers for every child.  Choose a ballet outfit sticker for the future famous dancer or a fire truck sticker for the aspiring hometown hero.

As Envelope Seals

Design a custom family seal! Use a sticker to seal the invites to an annual BBQ, cards sent or anything from the family.

On Chore Charts and Calendars

Use personalized stickers to mark chore charts or special events on the calendar.  They can be used to mark whose turn it is to choose a movie or set the table on the calendar.  Use them to mark activities on the calendar as well.  Get stickers for upcoming parties,  to mark birthdays on the calendar, to remind family members of special anniversaries and dates or just to mark sporting events!

On Favors

Have stickers personalized to say thank you, congratulations or whatever is appropriate for the occasion and put them on the party favors for a personal touch.  This works for weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties and any other party.

Marking Your Things

For someone always on the go, it is easy to leave personal items behind.  A sticker with your name will help the person who finds it return it to you.  Address labels are also good for this purpose, especially for more expensive items.  Many items are given to lost and founds and police departments, never to be seen by the owners again because there is no way to identify the owner.

Stickers are tons of fun for kids but can be really useful for parents and adults as well.  Design some stickers and see how much fun they can still be.

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