Step by Step Wedding Invitations – Part 2

You will also need to choose the quantity of invitations you need. Remember to count addresses, and not necessarily guests when deciding how many invitations you need to order. Be sure to order a few extras for mistakes, last minute additions to your guest list and to place in any scrapbooks or keepsake boxes you are making for your wedding. You may even wish to place an extra wedding invitation on the first page of your guest book.

Next you will need to choose envelopes and accessories for your wedding invitations. Would envelope liners complete the look of your invitations perfectly? Do you need the matching thank you cards? Do you have a good number of out of town guests who will need a directions card? Most wedding invitations come with free envelopes but you can order extras here if you would like to have some in case of mistakes.

Now it is time to personalize your wedding invitations. This is where your wedding invitation wording comes into play. First think about who is hosting the wedding. Are your parents paying for most of it? Are you and your fiancee hosting your own wedding? Wording your wedding invitations isn’t as simple as it used to be. There are many situations to consider. Perhaps the bride’s father and mother are both remarried and both couples are paying for the wedding. Perhaps the groom’s parents are divorced and are both footing the bill. The American Wedding’s step by step wedding invitation wording tool will walk you through selecting just the right options for you and show you how to put them all together. After you make your selections and enter the information for your wedding, The American Wedding will give you multiple verse selections for your wedding invitation wording. Read them aloud and share them with your fiance, mother or maid of honor to help you make a decision.


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