Special Tips on Selling and Re-selling Your Wedding Items

Special Tips for Selling Do It Yourself Items

When selling – Always mention that you created the items yourself.  Also offer any extra supplies you may have towards creating additional items, and be prepared for the bride who buys the items to ask for details about how you created the items so she can replicate the process and create any additional items she needs.


Special Tips on Items that You Bought Used or From Other Brides at a Discount

Tips on re-selling – If you bought the items used be sure to be up front about this in your attempts to re-sell the item. Sell the items at a price a little lower than you bought them for to account for the wear and tear you added to the pieces. Passing items through three or more brides is a great way to be Eco-friendly and reduce the environmental impact of your wedding day.


Try offering package deals for brides who are interested in purchasing multiple items that you have for sale.  Be honest in your descriptions and be sure to mention any damage or irregularities when listing an item for sale. Invest in good storage containers and supplies when preserving your wedding items otherwise they will sustain damage almost as quickly as if you hadn’t preserved it at all.  Be careful when offering to ship items.  Some items will cost quite a bit to ship.  Research your shipping items so you can mention an approximate cost in your ads.  Be sure to get an address for your buyer and get a shipping estimate for the items before offering to ship them at a certain price.  If you aren’t sure you can pack an item to ship safely, don’t do it.  Sell the item to local buyers only.


Buying your wedding items pre-loved is a great way to be a green bride.  Allowing other brides the chance to re-use items of yours instead of placing them in storage is also a great way to go green and reduce the impact of your wedding. Plus it doesn’t hurt to get a small part of the money you spent back after the big day.

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