Snack Mix Buffet – Part 2

Then you will want to decide on what types of mix ins to offer. Several choices of several flavor combinations should be provided. Make sure you offer sweets such as different types of candies and candy coated goodies. Think about M&M’s, chocolate covered raisins, and butterscotch chips for sweets. Salty treats are a must as well from salted peanuts, cashews and almonds to mini pretzels (yogurt covered and not). Popcorn in flavors such as butter, cheese and carmel add a delightful texture and are a large filler. When deciding on how much of each mix in to purchase, consider the popularity of each item and the size as well. Butterscotch chips are tiny especially in comparison to popcorn. However it’s likely your guests will want several more sweet pieces mixed in than not so even though a bag yields hundreds of pieces each guest may take thirty pieces.

Other options include garlic flavored rye chips which are always very popular as are sunflower seeds which can come with the shell or without. (You can even find these candy coated!)

Once you have made all of your selections it’s time to put the whole thing together. Different shaped plastic containers and scoops as opposed to glass, may be a better choice for snack mixes. Also bowls with tongs for odd shaped treats are an excellent choice. Because of the odd shapes of many of these snacks, you may have to dig in a little more proving a glass container to be more difficult to use and just plain, dangerous.

Make sure to decorate the table so that it really catches your guest’s attention. Dress the table in your wedding colors. Use table cloths, tulle, a vase or two of flowers. Go for vases, fish bowls, those huge martini and wine glasses, you get the idea. We’re looking for depth here! Now pile the containers full of your treats. Use large containers for your base treats such as the cereals. Then, space the containers out so the guests can easily access the treats. This is a good reason to add some height to your display. Don’t keep all of your containers on one level, lift them up by sliding small boxes, upside down buckets, and or milk crates under your table cloths. Make sure the openings of the containers are large enough for a scoop.

Include a small note on the table advising guests what this is. Add something cute maybe even a little goofy. Such as “Happy Trails From The Bride and Groom!” Make sure you place bags on the table and stickers to seal them with. Or small take out boxes that fold in.

Most important have fun. Spending some time with your friends for future hubby making decisions and what type of treats to pair together should be a fun and stress-free event. Just make sure you allow yourself to sample a little bit after all your hard work.

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