Save on Wedding Accessories – Part 2

Save on your jewelry– Costume jewelry can look just as pretty as the real thing but with a much smaller price tag. Borrowing heirloom jewelry from family members is a free option if it is available to you. Buy jewelry you will wear again especially if you will be buying the real thing. If you usually wear jewelry in a different style but absolutely must have a string of crystals and pearls to go with your wedding gown, then opting for costume jewelry is probably a god idea. There are many mid- priced options that are difficult to distinguish from the real thing. If you are buying real jewelry, look elsewhere besides the bridal shop. If you are going to pay top dollar you may be able to get pieces of better quality from a good jeweler in the same cost range as the pieces at the bridal store. Crystals can be a less expensive alternative to diamonds as well.

Save on your intimate wear– All those slips and corsets and bustiers that you paint on under your dress to make it look just right can be expensive. Try your dress on with more normal under garments. If you would prefer the bustier and other such special under garments try comparing prices at a department store or local lingerie shop. You may save money over buying the under garments at the bridal shop. Be sure to notate the design of the dress and where your neckline and other elements sit on your body before purchasing your under garments.

Whenever you are trying to save money on anything check the sales and clearance racks. Something the bridal salon considers to be “last season” may be just the piece you are looking to find. Always check local consignment shops to see if you can find the items you need. These stores will have gently used items at a much lower cost than buying new. Many consignment shops also do large scale buyouts of bridal stores that go out of business or buy last year’s styles from designers at wholesale and sell them at steep discounts. Auction and reseller websites like eBay and Amazon can also snag you discounts. Many items are not refundable though so you will want to limit online buying to the exact styles, brands and sizes you have tried in brick and mortar stores.

You can look beautiful on your wedding day without spending a small fortune on your wedding accessories. These purchases may seem small when taken one by one but they quickly add up to a bigger price tag.

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