Relieve Your Wedding Day Stress and Hire a Wedding Coordinator

Today’s bride is faced with a substantial amount of stress. Stressors come from the funds for the wedding, to making all sorts of decisions within a timeline. Most brides are on some type of budget. Whether that be a strict limited budget of your own money or your parents bearing the brunt of the cost.
With all things considered, it’s still a set limit you’d like to stay in. Chances are you probably don’t want to spend any extra money on something you don’t think you will need. With that said there is another place other than food, invitations and clothing that your money may go and that is to hiring an event planner or coordinator. Not only can planners help you stay on track and focus on your budget, they are full of knowledge and terrific in helping make decisions.

The Importance of a Coordinator

Many brides do not realize the importance of having a day of coordinator. While there are bound to be multiple things you are doing yourself, particularly with the increasing DIY movement, you’re also likely to have a vendor or two whom you are purchasing products or services from. 
The assigning of when things are to go where and how can be skewed. The last thing you will want is to give yourself any added stress so it’s important that you have a go to person. Whether you choose to hire a wedding planner for the whole wedding or not is just part of the question. 

The Duties of Your Coordinator

There are many other reasons brides choose to hire a wedding planner. For arranging things such as pick-ups and drop-offs with vendors, their vast knowledge of wedding etiquette, and more. 
Quite a few brides will be able to do a lot of those things on their own and with help from family and friends. Maybe you don’t necessarily need someone the whole time, just someone to help organize the events of that day. This is where hiring a day of coordinator differs from hiring a wedding planner for the entire planning process.
The coordinator will be the person your vendors go to, if heaven forbid, something should come up. The person who helps pick up the candy that spilled onto the floor in front of the candy buffet or gathers all the flowers to take into the reception hall. This takes a lot of stress off of yourself and allows for more time for you to relax.

Look to Your Friends

You may not necessarily need to hire out for this position. Consider asking that friend, who is always willing to jump in and lend a hand, you know the one who is always willing to go the extra mile. Choose someone who is terrific at paying attention not only to the little things that many would think go unnoticed but also knows how to put those things together for the big picture. 
Whether your budget is big or small, take into serious consideration what, if any, additional help you will need putting together one of the biggest parties of your life.

This day is going to be a lot of things; beautiful, memorable, heartfelt, there is no need to add stressful to your list.

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