Pre-Wedding Parties – Showers

You can only really choose one of these, but either choice is now acceptable in most circles. The exception is if there are feuding sides of the family.  Sometimes it is best to let each side throw a shower on their terms.

Bridal Shower – The traditional wedding shower was a bridal shower.  The groom’s only obligation was to get the bride there and sometimes not even that. An attendant or the parent of the bride would traditionally hold the bridal shower but any close friend could do it as long as they were in close communication with the attendants. Only female guests are invited to this pre-wedding event.  A gift is expected and the couple’s registry is the best place to find a gift to purchase.  Games are played, food is eaten and these are generally a very fun and relaxed event.

Couples Shower – This is exactly like a bridal shower but guests male and female are invited and the guests of honor are both the bride and the groom.  As grooms get more and more involved in planning, they get more and more involved in the other events surrounding the wedding.


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