Pre-Wedding Parties – Last Stand Parties

Have your parties separately or together.  Either way can be tons of fun!

Bachelorette (Also Called Hen) Party This can be held a few weeks or a few days before the wedding. Traditionally it may have been held the night before but more and more brides and bridesmaids are realizing that partying and drinking the night before a big event may not be a good idea.  The bachelorette party is usually hosted by the bride’s attendants.  It can be bar hopping, time at a club or just a pajama party at home.  The key is for the bride and her attendants to kick back and relax for “one last girl’s night”.  Hopefully everyone stays very close friends and this party will be just one of many to come.

Bachelor (Also Called Stag) Party – A bachelor party is a party for the guys. A night to let loose and have fun without the girls.  The groom will usually endure some ribbing about tying the knot. The groomsmen pay for this event.

Combined Bachelor/ Bachelorette Parties – Sometimes either the bride or groom’s attendants are unable or unwilling to throw a party on their own. Sometimes the bride may be uncomfortable with what could happen if the groom and his groomsmen are let loose for a night on the town so close to their carefully planned wedding.  For whatever reason, combined bachelor and bachelorette parties have become popular.  Often times there are competitive but fun games that put the bride and groom or the guys and girls against each other.  These can be a great chance for the couple to really let loose and relax and put the last minute planning aside.  Usually the groomsmen and bridesmaids will pool their resources to pay for this party.

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