Post Wedding Brunch Planning

Post wedding brunches are a wonderful way to get everyone together one last time and send off the bride and groom, especially when many of the invited guests traveled from out of town to attend the wedding. Be sure to take into account people’s checkout times and travel when planning the brunch time and style of meal. The wedding day isn’t usually a very relaxed atmosphere and tends to be very structured. A post wedding brunch can be a relaxed way for guests to mingle with family and friends that they do not often see.

Who Pays for The Brunch

There is not much of a precedent for this so the bride and groom will probably host this as their first party together. Really anyone can host, the bride or groom’s family or a close family friend.

How Do Guests Get An Invitation to The Brunch

Including the brunch information in the wedding invitation is not necessary and really just adds extra paper to the invitation. The brunch information can be included in welcome packets for out of town guests and details can be spread in advance by word of mouth. Finally have the details announced at the wedding reception and provide information cards attached to favors at the door.

What Locations Work for The Wedding Brunch

If the reception venue is convenient for guests they may be able to negotiate a discount for using the facility the next morning. A restaurant or other catered venue can make for easy clean up when people are most likely heading in different directions after the brunch.  If only a few guests are expected and someone local is willing, the brunch can be held in their home.  The location isn’t important as long as there is a large enough area to comfortably fit all of the guests.

Choosing a Time for The Brunch

When choosing a time for the post wedding brunch, take into account people’s flights and drive times to get home. Checkout times at hotels are also important so people have time to pack. Having the brunch after people have checked out and packed their cars is a good idea.  The brunch starting at the latest checkout time should give everyone time to pack and get to the brunch location.

Choosing a Post Wedding Brunch Menu

The options are endless for a brunch menu.  A full breakfast buffet or just a bagel bar.  No seating arrangements are necessary.  Just easy access to the food! A restaurant brunch allows the opportunity for a no host brunch.  Guests can just be told a room at a restaurant has been reserved and the bride and groom will be having a last breakfast with family and friends and all are welcome.

Just be sure to include some variety.  Cold cereals and warm bagels are an easy option to be served just about anywhere and provide guests with a few choices.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Reuse the linen and table arrangements from the reception for a catered affair. Have the brunch at the hotel where a majority of guests are staying.  Many hotels are making breakfast anyway so may have an affordable brunch package for weddings.

Entertainment Ideas

Playing soft music or showing a CD slide show of pictures from the reception is the most that is really needed for entertainment.  The focus should be on mingling and conversation.

Don’t forget to have someone taking pictures. It is easier to get pictures with family and friends in a more relaxed atmosphere. No matter how careful the scheduling may be, some people may not be able to attend the brunch if they are traveling.  Just be relaxed and enjoy the time with family and friends.