Planning Valentines Day Wedding – Part 6

The sweets for a Valentine’s Day wedding begin and end with chocolate. A fountain of chocolate surrounded by strawberries, bananas, pineapple, and raspberries as well as maraschino cherries, marshmallows, and angel food cake brings to mind the romance of the day. You can probably rent a chocolate fountain from your local party store if you don’t have any use for it after the wedding. A pyramid of strawberries with vanilla sugar for dipping looks rich and red the perfect addition to a Valentine’s Day wedding buffet.

Don’t forget the wedding cake and groom’s cake. A rich chocolate cake with white frosting or icing, and red and pink accents will accent your theme with elegance.

Consider having the cake baked in heart shapes or perhaps a combination of hearts, circles, and/or rectangles. Top the cake with flowers, doves, cherubs, or the traditional bride and groom.

Toast the bride and groom champagne. If good champagne breaks the bank and the budget, consider a champagne punch, but be sure to serve wine at the reception for a truly romantic look and feel.

A wedding on any day requires attention to detail, but even more so with a Valentine’s Day wedding. Make your wedding a dream come true on one of the most romantic days of the year by defining what romance means to you. Stick with a feel of romance rather than trying to make everything all about Valentine’s Day and you will have a beautiful wedding and reception. Use these tips as a start but add your own ideas about romance and love.

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