Planning Valentines Day Wedding – Part 2

Tips for Attire

If a red gown isn’t part of your dream wedding, there are alternatives. Choose a white gown with touches of red that can be as discreet as tiny red rosebuds hovering at the neckline, or a white satin dress complete with red satin accents.

Want traditional white? A romantically Victorian dress with a full gathered skirt or a dress with lots of romantic details may be what you are looking for. Consider a heart shaped bodice and a sweetheart neckline. Flower and heart appliques are nice touches as well. A full veil that pulls over your face will ooze romance.

Bridesmaids wearing black is a sophisticated and elegant look that captures attention. Add touches of red or pink to create a Valentine look. Pink dresses are another option. Choose a soft romantic pink.

Men attired in black tuxedos or suits with pink shirts and red ties make a tasteful statement.

Although red, pink, and white are typical Valentine colors, there’s no reason other colors cannot be used as well. Lavender with pink, periwinkle blue and white with touches of red, or whatever romantic colors you choose, will look appropriate for a Valentine’s Day wedding as long as touches of red or pink are used also. Textures can also convey your Valentine’s theme so use lace with other colors to make your statement if you want to minimize your red and pink.

A Valentine’s Day wedding provides a wonderful reason to be different. Instead of wearing the traditional white dress, be daring in red. The color red symbolizes romance and passion. In China, red is the traditional color for brides. Choose a sophisticated gown in deep red with white or cream accents.

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