Planning Valentine’s Day Wedding – Part 1

Weddings are one of the romantic occasions of life and Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. It is no wonder so many people want to be married on Valentine’s Day because combine the two and your wedding day may become a beautiful tribute to romance and love.

The central theme for any wedding revolves around love. You may choose colors or doves or linked hearts as your themes but the focus is still your love for each other. Love portrayed through your personalized theme, like your colors, flowers, and style, makes the day unique to each bride and groom.

Turning a red-heart Valentine’s Day into a wedding day with unique elements requires out of the box thinking if you don’t want your day to look like it as created by a group of grade school children at a craft store.

Use these tips for an elegant and sophisticated Valentine’s Day wedding:

First you want to choose he date. Yes you want Valentine’s Day but if it falls on a weekday many of your guests may not be able to attend. You may want to choose the weekend closest to the actual day making it more convenient for guests. You can also have a Valentine’s Day themed wedding without having it on or near Valentine’s Day.

As soon as your chosen date is a sure thing, start looking for venues. Valentine’s Day and the weekend before and after are popular days for weddings with places for ceremonies and receptions booked well in advance.

Once the date becomes an absolute, it’s time to start listing all things Valentine’s Day from colors to cupids. A few things to begin a list might include: pink, red, white, lace, hearts, flowers, and cupids. Don’t forget cherubs, candles, wine, and chocolate. Think about how you want to turn this list of words into a sophisticated and romantic wedding. Take into account your favorite romantic movies and books. Figure out the ideas you want to convey before deciding on specifics so you can carry your theme from attire to reception.

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