Planning an Orange/Peach Wedding – Orange and Peach Details

Orange and Peach Wedding Attire

Aside from sashes, piping and vests it is hard to get orange into the bride and groom’s wedding attire.  Flowers can add a splash of orange or peach.  Peach dresses with clover green accessories would be a great look for bridesmaids.

Wedding Invitations and Paper

We can customize almost any of our wedding invitations to fit your orange or peach wedding color scheme.  If you want lots of orange why not try the Peony Wedding Invitation set. Starting at just $1.10 per piece, they are a great value and make a very pretty statement.  For just a touch of orange consider our Gemstone Wedding Invitation for a pretty touch of color.

Flowers to Consider

Try using pumpkins as centerpieces.  Cut off the top of the pumpkin, gut it and place a potted plant inside for your orange and green wedding color scheme.  You can also use it as a vase for your favorite flowers and have it fit any wedding color scheme. Potted flowers or cut flowers will work if you get creative! Add lemons, oranges or pears to a clear bowl or vase and top it with your favorite orange flowers for a unique wedding centerpiece. Roses, protea and tulips are popular orange and peach wedding flower choices. Ranunculus is a full yet delicate choice for the bride looking to add a pop of orange to her bouquet. Dahlias are another great choice.  Ask your florist what flowers are available in the shade of orange or peach that you have decided to use.  Use lush greenery or wispy feathers to complete your bouquets. Add sparkle to symmetrical bouquets with crystals or pearls that are made for bouquet adorning.

Both orange and peach can be used in any season for a variety of looks and feels for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception.  Use them boldly as a main color or sprinkle touches of orange or peach or both throughout your wedding for a little pop and flair.  Either way your orange and peach wedding is sure to be a success.

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