Planning an Orange/Peach Wedding – Color Combinations

Color Schemes That are Complementary to Orange and Peach and How to Use Them

You can find a way to fit most colors together if you use the right shades and proportions for your wedding color palette.  Here are some great ways to do that with orange, peach or both for your wedding ceremony and reception.

  • Orange (or peach) and green – Using your flowers as a base for your wedding reception and wedding ceremony decor is an easy way to incorporate both orange and green.  A few shades of orange and peach roses with lush ferns and other greenery is a great starting point for your orange wedding color scheme.  Try hanging pomander balls of orange flowers with a rich green ribbon from the ends of your aisles at the wedding ceremony or from the backs of your chairs at the wedding reception. Mint green and peach make a beautiful pairing for a more subtle, spring time look. A burnt orange can be paired with forest greens and other earth tones for an autumnal wonderland. When talking about an orange and green color scheme, you can’t forget the Halloween themed wedding.
  • Orange (or peach) and purple – Many shades of both colors will make this wedding color palette work well and look beautiful.  Try eggplant with a pumpkin orange or lavender with peach. Mix some hydrangeas and roses in this wedding color combination in a truly unique vase for a stunning wedding centerpiece.
  • Orange (or peach) and blue – This color combination makes for a surprisingly stunning color combination.  Choose a shade of blue and accent it with various shades of orange and peach. Ice blue, royal blue really any shade of blue will work.  You can also vary the shades of blue and stick with a bright orange for your wedding color scheme.
  • Orange (or peach) and white – Orange and white may automatically conjure visions of a peaches and cream reception and rightfully so! All shades of orange and peach will work well with white and you can really let yourself go wild with shades when you choose this wedding color combination. Consider a bouquet of white, orange and peach roses in either a hand tied or cascade fashion.
  • Orange (or peach) and brown – Orange and brown are very complementary colors.  They go wonderfully together in almost any shade combination under the sun.  From chocolate brown and pale peach to burnt orange and khaki, this color combination is sure to impress.
  • Orange (or peach) and yellow – Orange and yellow can be overwhelming if not used properly but is beautiful when used correctly.  Try using varying shades of orange with pops of yellow and a third color to anchor the color scheme.  Brown and green make great additions to this color scheme. Try adding shades of green for spring and summer weddings and shades of brown for fall and winter wedding color palettes.
  • Orange (or peach) and red – Orange and red makes for a bold wedding color palette choice. Try using shades that are very close together for maximum impact.  You can use a third color to break up the color scheme or just use orange and yellow to keep it bold and fresh.
  • Orange (or peach) and pink – If you want to use lots of pink in this color combination, be sure to keep the pinks soft like dusty pink and rose petal pink.  Small bright pops of pink make a great splash.  Use varying shades of orange, pink and yellow with a few soft pinks for a gorgeous and happy spring or summer wedding palette.
  • Orange (or peach) and black – If your theme is Halloween this color combination is great.  If not, be sure to keep the black to a minimum.  Black damask and floral patterns, or light pieces like feathers, can add black to your orange wedding color palette without overwhelming it and making your guests think of Halloween.  You can also try using varying shades of orange and lots of peach to soften the color palette.

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