Place Card Basics – The Value of a Name

When using place cards, they are usually the first thing your guests see when they sit down at the table.  The best way to make a good first impression is usually as simple as a name.

  • Be sure to confirm the proper spelling of all the guests’ names.  This should be done before you print or write your place cards.  If you’re unsure of the proper spelling don’t hesitate to ask your guest.
  • If you’re having a casual gathering where most of the guests already know each other, use just the first names on the place cards.  If your gathering is formal or has a large number of guests it’s a good idea to use the first and last names.  That way there’s no confusion when it’s time for your guests to take their seats.
  • If you’re using a folded, tent-style place card, write the guests’ name on both sides of the card so they can see the name from either side.  This also makes it easier for guests to know each other’s names.
  • The most important thing to remember when writing your place cards is to be consistent.  Whether you’re using the full name or just a first name, if you use it on some use it on all.

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