Place Card Basics – Place Card Etiquette

When you’re entertaining, whether it be a wedding or a simple dinner party, the perfect finishing touch to any table is a place card.  They add a little style to the table décor while keeping things organized at the same time.  They can be as personalized or as generic as you’d like.  Over the next several days we’ll give you the basics on when, where and how to use place cards so you can put the knowledge to use at your next get-together.

Place Card Etiquette

Place cards are the perfect way to organize your guests and encourage conversation at the table.  With place cards there is no guessing about where your guests will sit, they’re guided right to their seats.  Place cards usually indicate a formal event and are used at gatherings with a large number of guests.

Place cards can be used to add a special, personal touch to laid-back events or family gatherings.  You can accentuate the events theme or set the tone with place cards that match the environment.

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