Place Card Basics – Creative Place Card Ideas

If you want your place cards to really stand out, use these ideas to make your traditional place cards pop.  Include your personality and style to make a place card that’s individual to you.  Not only does a place card tell your guests where to sit, it can also be a memento of your event for the guests to take home.  
  • Crafty Corks:  Save corks from wine bottles or buy new ones at a craft store.  Cut a slit in the top with a sharp knife and slide your place card in.  You can add a little flair by painting the cork to match your color scheme or using coordinating ribbon to tie a bow around it.
  • Heartfelt Memories:  Set the tone for your event by writing an inspirational quote, definition of a meaningful word, favorite song lyric or the even theme on one side of the place card and your guests’ name on the other.  For a more personal touch, write a favorite memory or personalized note on the back of each guests place card.
  • Fun Fruit:  Place a pear, apple or any kind of fruit on a pretty plate at each place setting.  Using a string or ribbon tie the place card to the stem or around the fruit.  This is a nice edible favor for your guests to take with them.
  • Flower Pot Power:  Buy small flower pots and paint the outside with a color that coordinates with your event.  Once they’re dry fill them with mints, nuts, candy or some sort of treat for your guests.  After you’ve put them at each place setting, rest the place card on top of each pot.  
Place cards are proof that great entertaining tools can come in small packages.  Try using place cards and some of these ideas to add a personal flair to your next gathering.

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