Strike a Pose and Say “Cheese!”

It’s not the newest trend on the block, but it has quickly become one of the coolest… a wedding photo booth!

The very first photo booth premiered at the World Fair of 1889 in Paris.  Many versions were experimented with up until 1925, when the modern concept of having a self-sufficient model was debuted in NYC.  Within the first six months of it’s arrival on Broadway, over 280,000 smiling faces were photographed.  Back then the process only cost a quarter, but it did take about ten minutes to print a photo strip.

Photo booths have come a long way since the 1920s, but they still retain the same nostalgic thrill of capturing a multi-framed moment with friends or loved ones.  Remember this scene from The Karate Kid?!  Daniel put the moves on Ali in the arcade photo booth and their love began to blossom — oh, ’80s movies!

To keep with the old school curtained booth for your wedding, check online for rental companies in your area; many photographers have even started to provide similar services.  If you’re up for a DIY challenge and want to interject a bit more whimsy into your big day, you could design your own photo “booth.”

Whether you use a white backdrop, patterned sheets, or go all out with an accessory adorned wall (like the precious one above) your guests will have a fantastic time posing for the camera and you’ll wind up with some phenomenal shots for your wedding album!

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