Overcoming Wedding Stress – Part 2

My maid of honor/ best man/ bridesmaid/ groomsman dropped out of my wedding at the last minute. Bridal party changes happen at the last minute more and more these days. From family feuds to last minute financial strain there is a myriad of reasons for the changes. Some simple rules for dealing with these changes are:

  • If you have announced your bridal party already consider not replacing the person. No one wants to be your last resort. If you are less than halfway through the planning (you announced your engagement a year before the wedding and you still have more than 6 months to go) you can quietly approach someone about filling the position. If you can manage it, it is polite to offer to help the newest member of your bridal party with some of the unexpected financial burden that comes with joining your bridal party.
  • Find out the real reason the person changed their mind. If your groomsman was recently laid off from work or your maid of honor is pregnant they may just need some extra accommodations that they don’t want to impose on you. Have a heart to heart with your former bridal party member and see if there is anything you can do to help. You didn’t choose your bridal party because they could throw you a huge party or look stunning in a dress. You chose your best friends.
  • Don’t trash talk the drop out. The reason many friendships fall apart after things like this isn’t necessarily because of the last minute change. It is because of the mean things said by both parties and the reactions to those involved. Try to be as understanding as possible to salvage your friendship.
  • If the party member is bowing out due to a fight with the bride or groom sometimes some drama is inevitable. Don’t let it phase you. Go on with planning your wedding and treat the fight as a separate issue just as you would normally if you can.

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