Outdoor Weddings: Minding the Sun

When considering an outdoor wedding, most couples are careful to gauge the likelihood of rain and temperature and plan accordingly. But after attending a particularly well planned outdoor wedding earlier this season, I became privvy to yet another weather-related consideration for outdoor weddings: the position of the sun!

To ensure optimal guest comfort and ceremony viewing, not to mention photographs, you need to determine whether or not the sun will be shining directly into your eyes. At the recent outdoor wedding I attended, it was as if the couple and their wedding planner had timed the sun to dip behind the surrounding buildings at precisely the time of the ceremony’s commencement – providing the perfect lighting without subjecting the guests to a tanning session in our formal wear.

Check with your outdoor venue – or consult an almanac if necessary – to get an idea of the sun’s path during the season and month of your wedding. Attention to this seemingly small detail will go a long way toward ensuring the success and comfort of your outdoor wedding!

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