Old Wedding Poem – Part 2

Some brides are lucky enough to have an heirloom in their family that everyone uses as their something old or something borrowed. Here are some ideas to use if you don’t have an heirloom, or want a little extra continuity or happiness for good measure.

Pieces of a family members wedding dress or veil– Chances are today’s bride would need lots of alterations to be happy with a wedding dress from three generations ago. Why not use a small piece of the dress or veil instead? Use the flowers from your great grand- mom’s dress to decorate your wedding dress. Use the fabric from your aunts wedding veil to tie your flowers together. Get creative and carry a little piece of your family history down the aisle with you.

Add a little sparkle– Borrow jewelry form a happily married friend to represent the continuity of your friendship after the wedding and borrow some of her happiness. Have the stones from your grandmother’s wedding ring reset to use for your and carry the happiness with you forever. Borrow your mother’s earrings for your walk down the aisle. Jewelry is a great way to work something old and borrowed into your wedding.

Have some faith– Many brides choose to carry a family member’s bible with them on their wedding day. You can also carry a rosary in your bouquet. Try borrowing a religious symbol from a family member. A pin, a necklace or anything else works. Someday it may be yours for keeps so your children can use it on their special day.

One purchase, many brides– Did a friend use a veil you just love? Was your aunt’s tiara just perfect for you? Why not borrow the coveted item from the happy bride instead of buying an identical one for yourself? The bride you ask may be very flattered that you loved her choice so much. Also since accessories can be pretty expensive you can save some money as well. Also it is one less thing for you to store after the wedding. How about using your mom’s cake cutting set? One nice cake cutting set can be used for many brides with the dates of the weddings being engraved into it after each one.

Pay tribute– Was your grandfather or father in the military? Was your grandmother a nurse? Ask to borrow a military pin or vocational pin to adorn your bouquet ribbon or to be placed discreetly in your gown. An award metal, a piece of a gown from a special graduation, or any other symbol of someone specials accomplishment is a nice way to work something old or borrowed into your wedding and pay tribute to that person’s accomplishment or sacrifice.

This is a beautiful and symbolic wedding tradition that easy is to incorporate in a wedding. Be sure to have your photographer take a few pictures of each item. If you are using the same item for multiple categories, be sure to get a few different unique pictures of that item. These pictures would make for a good photo collage or a couple pages in your wedding album.

No matter what wedding traditions and superstitions you decide to use in your wedding always consider the meanings behind the traditions when making your selections.

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