Old Wedding Poem – Part 1

An old English rhyme has been guiding brides for years past and will guide them for years to come. Wedding traditions and superstitions have come and gone and come back again. This one seems to be here to stay and has recently gained in popularity again. If you aren’t familiar with the poem it suggests that a bride should possess certain things on her person on her wedding day. The poem goes like this:

Something Old, Something New
Something Borrowed, Something Blue
And a Sixpence in Your Shoe.

Most brides have the something new covered pretty well. Whether we are wearing a new dress, new shoes, new undergarments or new hair accessories, weddings tend to be all about the new. Something new represents hope for the future and a new start.

A sixpence is also pretty basic. Many bridal stores now sell keepsake sixpence pieces and online shopping site searches will return plenty of affordable options. A sixpence in a brides shoe is a wish for fortune and prosperity in her new life.

Something blue is getting much easier with the color trend that is happening in the wedding world. Blue shoes, garters, sashes and piping are just a few ways that brides incorporate blue into their wedding attire. Blue flowers, ribbons and jewels can be added to almost any piece of wedding attire. Something blue is used as a symbol of purity, fidelity and loyalty.

Something old and something borrowed gets a little tricky for some brides. Something old simply represents continuity and something borrowed is representative of borrowed happiness from someone who has or had a happy marriage. Something old and something borrowed can be fulfilled by the same item or by two different items.

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