No Knife Jack O’Lanterns

There are a few ways to create jack o’lanterns without cutting and without flame. These ways are simply safer when young children are around.

Paint it- Use a wax crayon to set lines for the design or face and use acrylic paint and brushes to paint the design on the pumpkin.

Play “Mister Pumpkin Head”- Use toothpicks to secure facial features made from egg cartons, styrofoam trays etc. Egg carton cutouts make great 3D eyes and ears that can be cut from the trays. Use glue to secure google eyes, card stock features and other craft items. Paint the items if desired.

Use clay- Clay can be molded to create plenty of features and painted. Use toothpicks to secure the clay to the pumpkin or gourd.

Try creating a family of jack o’lanterns with different sized pumpkins and gourds. Choose healthy looking pumpkins and gourds that look like they will last the entire season for a fun display right through Thanksgiving.

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