New Wedding Favor Idea – Cookie Jar

A popular homemade gift especially this time of year is the cookie in a jar. This delicious homemade treat is a mason jar filled with all the dry ingredients to your favorite cookie recipe. A wonderful way to share the comfort that only homemade cookies can offer with friends and family is to give out these cookie jars. Not only do they show how much thought and care you put into the gift but, they can be inexpensive to make as well.

These cookie jars would be a terrific favor idea.

During the winter months you could fill the container with your grandma’s favorite recipe of chocolate chip cookies, or oatmeal raisin.

If you’re not a winter bride but, love the idea of making these cookie jars, there is no need to worry, you have plenty of choices when it comes to summer weddings as dwell.

Consider filling the mason jars with your favorite recipe for lemon bars. Or what about everyone’s favorite summer time treat the funnel cake? Fill your jar with all the dry ingredients to make this yummy carnival favorite; just don’t forget to tie on a small funnel with ribbon along the lid of the jar. Just think of all the possibilities!

The supply list would include but not be limited to:

  • Mason Jars – You can buy ones that are made specifically for this purpose. They care called crafting jars, they do not have embossed design and make for easier measuring however, the price is typically higher.
  • Fabric or Tissue paper – To cover up the lid of the jar. Choose one of your wedding colors or a color that corresponds with the season. (think sunglass tissue for a summer wedding)
  • String – Purchase ribbon, string, twin, rope whatever goes along with your wedding theme. This will be to tie the instructions on what wet ingredients to add and other information on baking the cookies.
  • Scissors -To snip off the fabric and string
  • Decorative Cardstock – To use as your instruction sheet
  • Hole punch – To make the hole for the ribbon to slide through.
  • Glue gun with glue sticks – To adhere the ribbon or tissue to the lid
  • Pretty ink pen or marker – In case you decide to handwrite your tag instead of printing it off of the computer.

Last but not least, don’t forget all of you’re the dry ingredients!

After you layer in all of the dry ingredients attach the piece of fabric or tissue to the top of the lid. Be careful if you do choose to use the glue that it doesn’t bleed through or make the fabric lumpy. Punch a hole into your instruction tag and weave through your choice of ribbon then tie the tag around the top of the jar.

That’s it you’re finished. While this project may take a bit of time to accomplish it’s sure to be a big hit. You could give each guest their own jar, or in an effort to cut down cost give one jar per household.

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