Name Change List for Newlywed Brides

Changing your name isn’t as simple as submitting one piece of paper.  There are many places it needs to be changed and many places someone’s spouse needs to be legally added into their life.  Here is a checklist to help make the process less painful.

Places to file a name change-

·         The Social Security Administration
·         The Department (or Bureau) of motor vehicles (Driver’s license or government ID)
·         The Board of Voter Registration
·         On the Vehicle Registration
·         On passports
·         At the Post Office (change of address if necessary)
·         At Employer’s-
·         On State and Federal Tax forms
·         Company email address
·         Name plaques and business cards
·         Updating the company phone system and directory
·         401K and retirement plans as well as IRA’s and stocks etc…
·         Credit card companies
·         Bank accounts and checkbooks/debit cards
·         Mortgage or lease
·         Doctor, dentist, vision provider and any specialists
·         Veterinarian
·         Health plan
·         Life insurance
·         Auto insurance
·         Home or rental insurance
·         The titles on any other vehicles such as boats and motorcycles
·         Club memberships, store discount cards etc…
·         Utility companies (phone, cells phones, gas, electric, water etc.)
·         Legal contracts

The beneficiary on all insurance policies will need to be updated to the new spouse when married.  Also consider combining things like life and health insurance to save money with family plans.  A will, a living will and advance healthcare directives may also be useful depending on the state laws of where the couple lives.  It can be well worth the expense to hire a lawyer to write these documents.

The key is to stay organized and do things quickly.  Some of these items have time limits and regulations. Try having all the paperwork together and filled out before the wedding so it only has to be submitted.  Some things will require copies of the marriage certificate as well so make a notation on the list of what will be needed to complete each item.

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