Mother of the Bride Etiquette Tips – Part 2

If you are not throwing the bridal shower, (yes we know etiquette states this as a no-no but many moms do) then be sure to contact the host with a guest list. Also lend a hand with decorations, food, etc. if able to.

Help the bride choose her wedding gown and possible accessories and undergarments that go with it. Then once that is chosen, make your dress purchase. Be sure to discuss your outfit with the mother of the groom. So that she may be able to choose something along the same style.

Be a contact person for many if not all of the vendor’s. Whether you are paying or not it will definitely help ease the burden on the bride if there are simple questions that you may be able to answer so that she doesn’t have to be bothered.

Help serve as a mediator between the bride and her friends and family members who want put in their two cents. Help and advice is always welcome, being pushy is not. It’s likely that your bride may feel rude or disrespectful when trying to disagree with good intentioned friends and family members. So go ahead and be the go between.

If the bride wants a receiving line it’s protocol that you be right up there with the couple. Make sure to greet and thank all of the guests. The parents of the bride typically serve as the hosts of the reception.

Don’t forget to dance at the wedding both with your hubby (or escort) and your new son in law.

Lastly, try to spend time with your daughter where you do not discuss wedding planning. Check out a movie, go have a manicure, or window shop anything to keep your connection strong and allow you both to relax. If your daughter does not live nearby, take a friend instead. It is easy for you to become overwhelmed and stressed and you deserve a break now and then.

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