Mother of the Bride Etiquette Tips – Part 1

As the mother of the bride, once your daughter says she is getting married you are most likely an instantly extremely happy and busy woman.

Whether or not you and your husband are footing all or some of the bill, your duties start to mount the moment you see that ring on your daughter’s finger. Be careful to not let the stress pile up, at least not more than it has to this is a happy time.

Below, we have compiled all of our tips for you. From what is and what is not most likely expected of you, and how you can handle all your duties and tasks while still being a happy and excited mom!

One task that your daughter will most likely ask for your help on is checking out different ceremony locations. Because you’ve gotten married before and most likely been to several weddings it’s likely that you will have an idea of what types of venues work and what ones are too crowded, stuffy, dreary etc. Also, it’s probable that you know your daughter pretty well and can help her make the right decision as to what best suits her style.

You will also want to submit names and addresses to the bride of family members and friends that should be on the guest list. Also discus with the mother of the groom whom all she needs on the guest list and either pass that along to the bride or ask her to do so.

Make yourself the go to gal for information on your family’s customs and traditions. If you don’t know it’s time to contact relatives and do some research. Today’s brides more than ever really enjoy adding a touch of heritage to their often custom tailored ceremonies.


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