Modern Day Wedding Registries

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Wedding registries have come a long way over the years.  With the changing of the times, styles, and economy, the rules and options of the wedding registry have also evolved.  A few tips on etiquette remain the same, but depending on who you ask, you may get varied answers.  As with almost everything else having to do with modern weddings, I tend to think that the couple can make a few of their own registry rules.

If you’re needing to stock your new home with pieces that aren’t from your college years, your gift registry options are countless.  Widespread staples like Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond are easy and affordable; also, shops with physical addresses are nice for those not wishing to shop online.  Some websites, such as, allow you to compile various items from a vast array of shops into one simple registry and they even offer an app for on-the-go gift scanning.  Places you would never think of offering a registry now do! Unfortunately, my favorite go-to website, Etsy, does not currently have a registry feature, but they do offer a few great resources to add some handmade items to your wishlist.

wedding registry for honeymoon or house

What if you don’t need blenders, kitchenware, and sheets though?  Now more couples are waiting to marry and often live together for awhile before tying the knot.  Some couples simply don’t need more stuff, and would appreciate gifts of another nature.  Asking for money isn’t exactly easy or very tasteful, but sometimes that it is what would be put to the best use.  New wedding registry websites are popping up offering couples a solution to this very dilemma — is one site that lets guests contribute to the honeymoon, while allows you to build your virtual home and save up with the help of friends.

Even though there are many options, deciding where to register is the easy part; sharing your registry information can get a little bit tricky.  Modern etiquette expert, Anna Post, advises against including registry information within the wedding invitation.  Not to worry though, word of mouth isn’t the only method of getting your wishlist into your guests’ hands.  Pocket wedding invitations offer multiple accessory cards; many brides include their information on one of these or opt to direct guests to their wedding website where all sorts of information is housed.

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