M.O.B. (Mother Of the Bride) Survival Kit

Typically you will buy small gifts for those whom have helped you during the wedding planning process. From your maid of honor to your flower girl and several in-between, you can certainly not forget that one person who was there through all of the good and bad, your mother.

Most often you purchase gifts for your parents along with your attendants. These gifts serve as tokens of gratitude for raising you and any of their assistance in the wedding process.

While the idea we are presenting to you isn’t necessarily to take the place of a traditional thank you gift it is a great idea for the mother of the bride with a great sense of humor.

This gift is a particularly fun idea for the bride who has a close relationship with her mother a more friendship like relationship perhaps. Or from the bride who may not be super close to her mother but appreciates her and understands that through the planning process she wasn’t always easy to deal with.

Make your mother a M.O.B. (Mother of the Bride) survival kit!

In this kit you will equip your mother to combat any of the wedding planning stress. Including things that pop up last minute on the big day.

First you will want to select your container. From cute paper bags, to plain colored metal lunch boxes, even a pretty hat box with her favorite floral pattern, the possibilities are endless.

Then it’s time to gather materials for the survival kit. Obviously the things you choose will vary depending upon many things. From personality, to formality and all things in between. We included suggestions below from the absolute necessities, to the funny, and the multi-useful.

Suggestions include:

  • Earplugs – For those bridezilla moments/The D.J. decides it’s time to play Lil’ Jon
  • Waterproof Mascara – Because she will at minimum tear up.
  • Tissues – For dabbing eyes and fixing make up smudges
  • Antacid – From the food meets her daughter is actually married! To the bill for the food.
  • Bandages – For last minute scrapes.
  • Clear Nail Polish – To help with a snag in hosiery or nails.
  • Socks – For dancing.
  • Pain Reliever – See earplugs.
  • A Pedicure Gift Certificate – So she can soothe her aching feet and relax after the big day.

Once you have assembled your pieces, it’s time to make the list. Just as we have listed above write out each item featured inside your kit and its possible uses. Use cute stationery and a fun font to make it unique.

If you are using any type of container with a lid, we like the idea of mounting it to the top so that when it opens up your list of contents and instructions are right there. Otherwise we suggest tucking it in nicely up front so that the list is viewable prior to seeing the products.

As far as assembly goes, whatever way fits, is best! Small items like bobby pins and bandages can get lost in the shuffle. So it’s not a bad idea to secure them inside small zip lock baggies or a cute little coin purse. (You know with a couple quarters for a trip to the hotel vending machine)

Make a fun label to tie the look together with something like M.O.B. Survival Guide. Or Mother of the Bride Survival Kit written on it.

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