Mimic Royal Wedding Tips – Part 2

If you have been having a hard time deciding on a gown style and were as enamored by the gown as most this may be the thing to steal. The gown was sleek and sophisticated with touches of personalization. Bridging the gap between modern and traditional, it’s what so many women ask for and have trouble describing. Lace and satin were the fabrics of choice the train was grand without being overbearingly long all of this appearing in a stunning white. For those of you whom like to do things a little off the beaten path, can you imagine how a gown like this would have looked with the white lace top and a colored skirt? Say in a super soft blue?

What about her hair? Oh the half up half down look, it’s been the go to for so many brides. And with good reason, whether you are a finicky bride and just can not make a decision. Or just partial to the idea of comfort this best of both worlds hair style can be done in a variety of ways which is way it’s so loved. Our only advice is to always take any headpieces including your veil to your beautician prior to the big day for a hair trial. You may find that the style you had been dreaming of will need altered a bit in order to incorporate your accessories.

Your vows are one of those things where many brides are split. Some want to change up the traditional wording a little, some write their own completely while others still keep the traditional vows word for word. For the royal wedding, the vows were modernized and reworded to make the perfect fit for the couple. While there is certainly nothing wrong with reciting the traditional vows it’s just as nice to put you own spin on tradition. After all it is a vow you are making to your beloved. What is important here is that you are comfortable and that you feel and agree with everything you are saying.

The maid of honor- was it white or was it almost cream? That is a topic that seems to be up for debate. One thing we know for sure, choosing just one maid of honor may be a good idea. This could help deflect arguments over who stands where etc. by just choosing one person. As far as the color argument goes? Of course we always say do what makes you happy, but if you aren’t comfortable with your maid wearing white (and very few of you probably are) then think about a beautiful airy shade of champagne color this should be just as elegant and still keep you in the spotlight.

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