Making a Unique and Memorable Wedding Entrance

A recent emerging wedding trend is that of using signs. Signs directing us where to go such as posts pointing the way to the ceremony and reception areas. You also see them grabbing our attention when hanging above the sweets table and in many other locations.

One of the favorite places seems to be in having a sign or banner carried down the aisle that states: “Here comes the bride” Just before the bride makes her way down the aisle.

That well known phrase carried down the aisle by two attendants will help direct the eyes toward the door as the bride readies to make her grand debut.

Assigning the Task

This idea is a terrific choice for many brides even those who aren’t necessarily just wanting to join in for the cute trend. Selecting two of your younger aged guests to carry a sign down the aisle will provide two more jobs for the children that you had on your list in the running for the all important ring bearer and flower girl spots.

It may also help smooth out the possible ruffled feathers if you have several different younger people in your family wanting to take part in the big day. After all we can’t think of anything bad about signing on two more of your loved ones to take part in your big day.

Typically the beginning of the bridal march is the first hint that the bride is coming. But who’s to say they can’t have another clue? How cute would it be to have two of your pint sized guests carrying a sign signaling your appearance?

Or what about the bride that chooses to not have music played during her entrance but wishes to have a quiet and somber entrance? A sign cueing her impending entrance is a lovely idea.

Let’s not forget about the bride whom just doesn’t want to follow the tradition of the ring bearer pillow being carried down with rings. Particularly if that means just choosing one nephew!

Where to Find What You’re Looking For

From signs to banners your options are plentiful. A quick internet search should reveal to you a plethora of places to purchase these from. Most sites offer the option of matching your wedding colors for the print as well. A fantastic choice as well for the bride who wants something a little extra and a little different, a great way to make your big day stand out a little more.

There are also many party stores whom offer a banner or scroll type of sign in lieu of a board type design, which would be a perfect idea for a renaissance wedding.

For the more budget savvy bride you could also opt to make your own. A quick trip to your local craft and hobby store should make this a relatively easy DIY project for the novice and expert crafters alike.

When choosing your sign no matter whether you are making it yourself or purchasing from a retailer, be sure to pay attention to the colors.

Color Matching and Sizing

If you want the wording to match your wedding colors, be careful especially if you know your wedding colors are difficult to match. Remember always when ordering online, on-screen color varies from monitor to monitor and website to website. What one person calls chartreuse is aqua to someone else.

If you are fearful of colors not matching, go with basic black or ivory, always matching, always simple, always classic.

Also, check your dimensions. You want to make sure the item you are purchasing is not too large for your smaller attendants to carry or too heavy for that matter. You are asking them to perform a task for you and certainly they are happy to do so. The last thing you want to do is weigh them down with a heavy awkward board to carry. Something made from a thin canvas cloth or of smooth particle board should suffice.

If you insist on a grand banner or larger sign, enlist two junior bridesmaids for the job. They will likely be much more eager to take on the larger task and feel quite important doing so.

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