Making a Statement with Your Wedding Aisle Runner

For the most part, today’s bride wants to be unique and elegant all at the same time. And with the large DIY movement in weddings, it’s nothing new to us to hear that you’d like everything to have your personal touch.

When you walk down that aisle you want your guests to not only take note of you and how amazing you look during your grand debut but that they take in every little detail of that debut including what you are walking on.

What type of runner you choose is of course entirely up to you. And boy are there a lot of choices out there for you, from the classic white, to soft ivory and personalized as well.


When choosing an aisle runner it’s best to look into what type of material you are purchasing, the thicker the material, the nicer the runner will lay down the aisle. It is also good to note that the color is more likely to be full with a thicker fabric and not faint or sheer.

Can you imagine walking down the aisle and having your heel dig through flimsy fabric? It could cause the runner to tear, snag, or worse cause you to trip and or fall. It’s best to not skimp on quality here.


Many brides today choose to go with personalized aisle runners. Most companies even offer to personalize the runner for no additional charge. Such businesses tend to cost you about $100.00 for the personalized runner plus shipping. While this does seem a bit pricey it will more than make up for the cost of doing it yourself if you are not a crafty girl.

If you are big into doing things yourself however, you may not save a lot of money but you will be able to take comfort in knowing that no one will ever make quite the same debut as you!
Ideas for personalizing your runner vary as much as you would like. From fall leaves for an autumn wedding to the flowers from your bouquet painted down the runner.

Many brides choose to display their new monogram along with the date of their wedding. This style is for the bride who wants something a little personalized, a little classic, a little elegant.

Some brides choose to design their runner with a beautiful phrase written down the runner as a testament to how the couple feels such as the popular “And the two shall become one”


For the bride who really wants to make a statement think about a runner in your wedding color. Walking down a regal deep purple aisle runner wearing a stark white dress will certainly make a statement.

Minor Details

You do not want to purchase a runner that could slip and slide. So check that you are purchasing a runner with a backing that will stick to the ground whether that is grass, carpet or hardwood, and a type of pull cord for an easy display.

Be sure to buy a runner that will suit and fit your ceremony location as well. Also remember the old adage “measure twice cut once”? In this case, measure twice, buy once! Double check the length of your aisle so that you know you have enough to walk down. A typical aisle runner is about 36 inches wide and 100 feet long.

Remember details make all the difference and keep your wedding from blending in with all the others.

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