It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… for Entertaining!

The leaves are falling off the trees.  Fires are being started and thermostats are being raised little by little.  We are pulling out the heavy blankets and coats and trying to find our favorite winter gloves.  Christmas, Hanukkah and other holiday displays are being built in all of our favorite stores.  Some of us (guilty as charged!) catch ourselves humming our favorite holiday tunes.  It is definitely that wonderful, magical time of year once again.

It is so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle with all the shopping, wrapping and coordinating of schedules.  Sometimes we feel like we barely have time to breathe once the season is in full swing.  Take the time right now to plan your holiday party as a time for you and yours to take a breath and enjoy the reasons for the season.

The winter holidays are a great time for parties.  The mood is cheery, you have built in music selections and choices for everyone, and the chill in the air makes a warm festive mood all the more welcoming.  Set the mood long before your guests arrive with the Merry Gathering Invitation.  Want something even more whimsical?  MyGatsby’s fun Drinkin’ Deer Invitation is sure to get a chuckle out of your guests.

Sing-alongs are a great way to add fun to a holiday party.  Pianos and karaoke machines are old favorites.  All the new game systems and programs make it easy to entertain guests with musical and other games as well.  Who doesn’t like a little friendly competition?

If you have a lot of guests, you may consider a gift raffle.  Ask everyone to bring a new, wrapped gift in a certain price range that is comfortable for all.  Then write the names of all your guests on slips of paper and draw them one by one.  As each name is called let the guest choose a gift from the pile.  If there are children present, let them take turns drawing the names.

Today it is not uncommon for guests to be of mixed faiths, beliefs, backgrounds and cultures.  The Green Dandy Holiday Party Invitation is perfect for anyone on your guest list. Also the Santa Spot Holiday Party Invitation is an invite perfect for any holiday party.

Of course we cannot forget the more formal affairs and office parties!  Whether you are having a potluck, a Pollyanna or a full sit down dinner, the elegant Esquire Invitation or the Red Dandy Holiday Party Invitation are classy, elegant options.

Since the holidays really are so busy, and much of our time is often devoted to family and the dearest of friends, you may wait until the New Year to really let loose and have a blast!  The New Year Glitz Holiday Party Invitation makes it easy to spread the word to anyone and everyone you want to invite.  Make cleanup a breeze with disposable flutes and fun printed tableware and napkins from your local party store.  Noisemakers are also a favorite but you may want to wait until close to the countdown before you distribute those!

You want your invitation to really pop and stand out from the sea of invitations and holiday cards your guests will be getting in the mail.  MyGatsby makes it easy to have an invite all your own with endless custom options.  Both the Deco Glitz Holiday Party Invitation and the Holiday Lanterns Holiday Party Invitation are fully customizable.  With so many great options it is tempting to throw multiple parties!  Check out all of our Holiday Cards & Invitations.

No matter what the format or date of your party, remember to have fun and relax.  Sure you can do it all but why not let cousin Janette make the apple pies if she offers?  Potlucks are also a fun way to have a great party without a ton of work.  Finger foods and spreads, you can leave out most of the night also allow for minimal stress.  Remember it’s your party, enjoy it!

Make it fun.  Make it festive.  Make it MyGatsby.

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