International Wedding Traditions – Make Your Wedding Unique and Memorable

Every bride wants her wedding to be unique. With all the information and ideas for wedding planning it is easy to overload trying to find those special touches. Why not borrow from other countries and cultures when planning your special day? Traditions from other lands are not so traditional in the states and can make for memorable touches and experiences for you and your wedding guests on your wedding day.
Before the wedding – Prepping and pampering
Spa days for the bride and her bridesmaids are becoming more and more common in the states. This is a fitting tribute to a custom in morocco and a few other countries. Moroccan brides bath in milk before the wedding to purify themselves for their wedding day and night. They then receive a massage in scented oils. This sounds like a great custom to copy, even though your guests won’t see it!
Dress the part
Often, one of the biggest expenses a bride faces is her wedding dress. What to wear on your wedding day is also one of the biggest choices you will face as a bride. Can’t decide which of two dresses is perfect? Wear them both! In Asian cultures the guests look forward to the bride’s attire changes. Some brides wear as many as 5 dresses before the night is over. In older traditions, you could tell how wealthy a bride’s family was by the number of times she changed her dress.

Not all brides wear veils. Flowers, combs and tiaras without veils are becoming more common. In countries like Czechoslovakia, brides wear wreaths of rosemary to symbolize and encourage fertility. The bridesmaids even pass out sprigs of the fragrant herb to guests. Other cultures use other herbs to symbolize a variety of things. Do some research on your culture or just research the meanings of flowers and herbs that you love and wear a wreath instead of a veil.
Reception traditions
Not all brides throw a bouquet to decide which single woman will be married next. Some women throughout the world have all the single women sign the bottoms of her shoes. Whichever woman’s name is the most worn at the end of the night will be the next to get married.
Not all cultures use a wedding cake. Couples in France may opt for a tower of sweet puffed pastries instead. Couples in Latin America may have family members make lots of sweet treats in addition to the cake to add sweetness to the couple’s marriage. You can include cookies and other desserts from any culture to add an easy nod to that culture to your wedding.
It’s all about the ceremony
In Scotland, the couple is greeted and sent off with bagpipe music. Why not consider instruments other than a piano or an organ for your ceremony? A Moravian tradition has the couple passing the light of their candles to all the guests in a dark room. Seeing a room slowly light in candlelight from complete darkness is a sight that any bride could consider a beautiful part of the wedding day.
You can include traditions from all over the world or limit your choices to the cultures shared by the bride and groom. International traditions are a fun and easy way to add a little something unique to your wedding.
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