Ideas for Bachelor Parties

Not all bachelor parties are built the same. The bachelor party is a great night for the groom to have with his friends to blow off some of the stress of the wedding. The traditional nights out at bars and clubs are still good ideas for the right groom and groomsmen. Here is a list of ideas for the groom’s last fling.

Bowling – A night of bowling can be a lot more fun than it sounds.  Divide the guys into teams and set paying for the beer as the stakes.  Do a round of cosmic bowling and show off some moves.

Poker – Do a poker night complete with chips, visors and cigars.

Play a Game of Baseball – Or football or soccer or whatever you choose. Add a few beers and it is an instant guys’ night out.

Gambling Trip – To avoid a fit from the bride, this should be done a week or two in advance of the wedding. Vegas or Atlantic City are classic ideas for a gambling trip.  Casinos are popping up everywhere; however doing a little investigating can lead to a less traditional location.

Dinner for Royalty – Head to the nicest, manliest restaurant in town and live it up.  A steakhouse or a BBQ style restaurant would make a great choice.

Hit a Sports Bar – Take over a small corner of the best local sports bar.  Order wings and beer and relax without the regular texts and phone calls from the wives and girlfriends.

Sail the High Seas – Rent a boat or do an evening cruise.  A night on the water can make for a memorable bachelor party.  A day of fishing may do just as well for the right crowd.

Day At the Beach – Spend the day drinking beer and catching waves and spend the evening with a bonfire.

Make a Day of It – Do some golfing, hit the horse races and do some other things you don’t normally have time to fit into the schedule.

Act Like Kids – Hit the video arcades, a carnival or a water or amusement park for an all guys day or night of fun. A game console at home with some pizza and beer can do the same trick as long as the women are banished.

Get Adventurous and Rugged – Go rafting, camping or parasailing.  Try skydiving or bungee jumping. Race car driving, scuba diving and rock climbing are also great guy bonding activities.